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Summer Sleep Sale!

Now is the time if you are thinking about working with a consultant! We are offering a 25% off sale on all packages for the month of July! W

Toddlers: Can't live with them, can't live without them.

My daughter just turned two on the weekend. Two. Such a fun age. She is "talking" a mile a minute -- picking up on everything (good or bad) that I say. She is showing preference over which toys she wants to play with (Barbie is her go-to right now) and which foods she wants to eat (this week she wants red peppers and cake -- it's all about the balance, right?). I truly am blessed to watch this tiny little person grow into her great big personality. And then comes the meltdowns... It won't be news to you when I say that toddlers are learning so much on the day to day. They are soaking in every little bit of information they can and they go into complete overload (in the blink of an eye) becau

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