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Sleep Deprivation Killed My Active Lifestyle

Being active has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid I was always BUSY BUSY BUSY, and as I got older that energy was transformed into sports, activities, or simply bike riding with friends. Today it is how I keep sane. Exercise - I honestly cant function without it. Lets talk about my life pre-baby... As a young adult and onwards I found myself to be a very active person. I've never been one to sit still for an extended period of time (as a young kid and onwards). In terms of exercise - i've done it all; sooo many gyms, kick-boxing, yoga, spin, step class, running groups, hiking, swimming, sports, and so much more! When I was 26 I came out of a long-term relationsh

All the Single Ladies: Sleep Training After Separation

So my plan in life was always to find a great man, settle down, get married and have babies. My great man would step in and help me during night wakings even though he had to work in the morning - because he was a real-life Superhero. Nobody would be tired. We would all get 12 hours of sleep and spend the days frolicking in a field of flowers. I couldn't even type that paragraph without laughing at how naïve I was. So let's get real for a minute - what I got in life was the polar opposite and a rude awakening to the challenges of sleep deprivation within an already unhealthy relationship with my partner. One of the arguments we would have (pretty much daily) was over my daughter's sleep habi

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