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Daddy's Turn: How Dad Can Help With Baby's Sleep

You heard it ladies! For months you have been getting up with babe (because the only way she will settle is for mom!) and while, yes, dad has had compromised sleep as well (in most cases) you may feel as though the onus has been completely placed on you to get up with your babe throughout the night - not to mention the physical toll on your body after having grown and delivered and now nourishing your child 24/7. Now we get to focus on how dad can actually be a big help in a) establishing great sleep habits from the start or b) during the sleep training learning process. Before going on with this blog post, let me first recognize a few types of dads that we are always happy to talk about: 1.

Does White Noise Put Babies to Sleep?

Hands up if this sounds familiar… Your fussy baby finally falls asleep for her afternoon nap and you sit down for a much needed moment to yourself only to hear a car with a broken muffler roaring down the street. Just like that, Sleeping Beauty is wide awake and mad… NOT a good combination. Or maybe you live in the country and you’re awoken at dawn by a wailing infant who has adorable (but ridiculously loud) birds chirping outside her window. Environmental noises are a fact of life that you can’t do much about… but there IS something you can do about your baby’s ability to sleep through the noise. In my experience, white noise machines can be a lifesaver when it comes to helping babies fall

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