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The Dreaded 4 Month Sleep Regression

As professional sleep consultants, we hear the term “regression” used in regards to just about every imaginable circumstance. Essentially, if baby doesn’t sleep well for a couple of nights, parents start dropping the ‘R’ word. Some people subscribe to the idea that there’s an eight month regression, a 9 month regression, a 1 year regression, as well as teething regressions, growth spurt regressions, and so on. Others see these as simple hiccups caused by extenuating circumstances. But the four-month regression, everybody agrees on, and for good reason. It’s the real deal, and it’s permanent. So in order to understand what’s happening to your baby during this stage, first you need to know a f

Eight Tips for Easing Separation Anxiety

Raising kids is a high-stakes responsibility, and in this age of social media and easy access to information about anything and everything, parents are easily overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. As sleep consultants, we see this all the time from parents whose babies aren’t sleeping well. One of the other major contributors to the, “I’m doing something wrong,” sensation is separation anxiety; that oh-so-challenging part of a child’s life when they start to completely flip their lids whenever Mom’s not around. The thought process, it would appear, is one of... • Mommy’s not in the room. • Therefore, Mommy is somewhere else. • I would prefer to be there with her. • Make that hap

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