Infant, Toddler & Child

Your baby is getting older and older, but things aren't getting any better? Our goal for your infant is to remove all sleep props, teach baby how to fall asleep independently and improve day and night time sleep! 

Maybe your toddler or child has never slept through the night? Or maybe they were sleeping great but things started to slide when the new baby came, your family moved or separated, or they entered daycare or school.  Our goal for your toddler or child is to remove all sleep props and teach them to fall asleep independently and in their own beds by reinforcing bedtime boundaries! 


  • A preliminary sleep evaluation which includes an extensive questionnaire to help us learn about you, your little one and any existing sleep or health challenges

  • A 60-90 minute consultation. This is where we insert the sleep education, discuss the sleep plan and realistic expectations as well as give you the tips, tricks and tools to implementing healthy sleep habits.

  • A detailed sleep plan customized for your little one - covering routine, age appropriate scheduling, strategies and methods to dealing with bedtime, night waking, early morning wake ups, poor naps and any other issues your family may be experiencing

  • 2 weeks of follow up support which includes 4 support phone calls and unlimited email support

  • Daily sleep log monitoring

  • Optional for toddler/child: Add a 3rd week of support for those stubborn ones!


Upon completion of the program you will receive a Goodbye letter summarizing our time spent together and any additional information moving forward including developmental milestones, night weaning, travel, daylight savings tips and any other information relevant for your little one to ensure long term success through all of life's lumps and bumps.


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(Add $150 for twins)
(Add $150 for twins)
(Add $150 for twins)
(Add $150 for twins)

As Registered Social Workers/Registered Clinical Counselors specializing in pediatric sleep and postpartum mental health, our services may be covered under your extended benefits package. Be sure to check with your provider to see if you have RSW or RCC/CCC coverage!

Newborn's Care

Bedtime Support

Our most popular option for locals! Add on in-home bedtime support to your package. This means that we will come to your home and do the full consultation, stay for routine and be there to support you through the first bedtime. This is 3 hours of in-home support.

INVESTMENT: add an additional $400.

**Longer in-home support is also available. Click here for more information on in-home support.