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Meet the Dream Team

Our team is made up of Registered Social Workers and Clinical Counsellors who are experienced in maternal mental health and are passionate about helping parents through this journey in a compassionate, supportive and non-judgemental way.


As a Registered Social Workers/Registered Clinical Counsellors specializing in pediatric sleep and postpartum mental health, our services may be covered under your extended benefits package. Be sure to check with your provider to see if you have RSW or RCC/CCC coverage!


Registered Social Worker, Sleep Specialist.

I am born and raised on the West Coast in Victoria, BC where I’ve been lucky enough to continue to live and raise my own children. I have always had a strong desire to support children and families which is why I chose to become a Social Worker. I have been working with children, youth and families in a variety of capacities for many years now and I continue to advance my education and knowledge on a regular basis. 

Although I am a Registered Social Worker, I am also a mom of two. I completely understand the importance of sleep and have been that sleep deprived, mentally and physically exhausted mom who would do anything for a good night’s sleep! After implementing healthy sleep habits with both of my daughters early on and becoming a much more rested and better functioning mom, I decided I would love to support other families on their journey towards more restful nights.

I KNOW how important sleep is to families and the effects that sleep deprivation can have on the relationships and day to day functioning within a household. I am here to offer my experience and to support you as you move towards your sleep goals!


Registered Social Worker, Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC Association of Clinical Counsellors), First Nation's Health Authority (FNHA) Approved Provider, Sleep Specialist.


Come as you are. 

Born and raised in the Cowichan Valley, currently living in the Comox Valley with my husband and two beautiful little girls.  

When I had my first daughter, becoming a new parent was an indescribable experience. It shifted my life completely and I had more joy and love than I ever thought possible. Along with the happiness came exhaustion and I quickly learned how lack of sleep could affect all parts of life. Through desperation and survival, I quickly began implementing sleep habits that became a quick fix. However, soon after those quick fixes didn’t work anymore I was left with even more sleep exhaustion and confusion. I wanted my baby to feel cared for, loved and well rested and I took the journey to discover how that can be possible. Now I truly believe helping support and teach your little one healthy sleep habits is one of the best gifts you can give them and yourself.  

Working as a Registered Social Worker and a Registered Clinical Counsellor I have had the opportunity to find my passion for walking alongside individuals to reach their goals. I am here to listen to what you want for your little ones sleep and support you in achieving your goals.


Registered Clinical Counselor (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association), Sleep Specialist.

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, I have been fortunate to grow up in one of the most beautiful places in the world. My husband and I are lucky to raise our two children here. 


I completed a Master’s degree in Counselling from the University of Victoria in 2012 and I am a Certified Clinical Counsellor. I have been working with children and youth for the last 10 years as a school counsellor and I have seen firsthand how much sleep affects children behaviorally, emotionally and mentally.


Now as a parent myself, I know how important healthy sleep is for our own mental health, relationships with our kids and with others. As a former client, I have been through the sleepless nights and I am forever grateful to West Coast Sleep for providing my family with the tools to help our children gain healthy sleep habits. I know how overwhelming it can feel as a parent trying to navigate your child’s sleep on your own.


I look forward to providing you support and helping you walk through the sleep journey towards healthy sleep habits!


Registered Social Worker, Sleep Specialist.

I have lived on Vancouver Island for almost all of my life, and I am fortunate enough to raise my 3 children in such a beautiful place. I am a registered Social Worker, who comes from a background in nursing. I have worked with children and their families for the past 10 years and take great pride in this line of work. 


I am all too familiar with being up hourly with a fussy baby, toddlers who refuse to stay in their bed,  preschoolers who are afraid of the dark, midnight temper tantrums, and the early risers.  Raising 3 children has taught me the importance of sleep, and how a lack of sleep can affect every aspect of your health and well-being. At first I was skeptical of sleep training my own children, but the results have drastically improved our household dynamic and made life with 3 children much more manageable and enjoyable for everyone! I am excited to help families reach their sleep goals, while empowering parents to teach their children these life long skills.


Registered Social Worker, Registered Clinical Counselor, Sleep Specialist.

I am a Rocky Mountain transplant who landed on Vancouver Island over 10 years ago. I recently made the Comox Valley home with my husband and two sons and love all it has to offer. 


In 2020, deep into the pandemic, I had my first son. It rocked my world. I was overwhelmed, lonely, isolated, more exhausted than I knew was humanly possible and only sometimes felt that way we’re *suppose to* - overjoyed. I knew nothing about baby sleep and I tried to wing it thinking “he’ll just sleep when he’s tired”.  Right. Quickly I found myself even further depleted with my marriage stressed and my mental health suffering. I knew something needed to change. That’s when I took a deep dive into baby sleep literature and research and consulted a sleep specialist. Once we started implementing healthy sleep strategies the fog began to lift and I was finally able to enjoy motherhood. I immediately knew this knowledge was a gift I wanted to share. 


I first started working in the helping profession in 2007 and completed a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from the University of Calgary in 2012. I specialized in family therapy and have over 10 years of experience. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker and in my clinical practice use a family system lens along with Emotion Focused Family Therapy. 


I have great appreciation for the journey you’ve been on thus far and feel privileged to be invited into your family in whatever capacity makes sense at this time. 


CEO & COFOUNDER - Registered Social Worker, Maternal Mental Health Certified, Sleep Specialist.


I grew up on the West Coast. I have a passion for helping people – which led me to my career as a Registered Social Worker. I have spent a great majority of my career working with children and youth.


But most importantly, I am a mom. And I have been that mom that is an UN-functioning puddle of tears on the floor because of sleep deprivation. I have been the mom that felt like I was missing out on SO much because I wasn't mentally able to enjoy my baby due to sleep deprivation. I have also been that mom who felt like all my relationships were falling apart – yes, because of sleep deprivation!

Supporting parents through this journey is a tough, but rewarding gig! I love working with children of all ages, from newborn to school aged but I have a special place in my heart for toddlers and children with behavioral challenges. The transformation that these little people have once they're rested is incredible!

I am certified in Maternal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International and am able to support you through this journey (meeting you where ever you are at), educate you and empower you to tackle these issues head on, leaving you with nothing but confidence moving forward!

*Please note: Kelsey now does IN-HOME or TEXT SUPPORT packages ONLY. Please contact her for information on this service.


COFOUNDER - Business Admin, Sleep Specialist, Educator

**Natasha is not taking new clients at this time**

Born and raised on the west coast in beautiful Victoria, B.C.


The first thing any parent needs to teach a child is how to sleep. This will only set you and your little one up for success in the future! I can tell you first hand I had no idea how important sleep was, to a baby or myself, until I didn’t have it after my daughter (Georgia) was born. I rarely had any more than 1-2 consecutive hours of sleep at a time for 10 months straight. As a first time mom I did what was necessary just to get through the day/night: nurse, swaddle, rock, pacifier, repeat. I soon discovered a better way to a happier, healthier life once I implemented healthy sleep habits for my daughter. I was so impressed with the approach and the success we had with it, and how life-changing it was, that I decided I wanted to be able to give the gift of sleep back to families all over the world!


Before having my daughter I attained a Bachelor of Commerce degree and with that experience, I run the business end of West Coast Sleep. I do the work behind the scenes to make sure the support programs are running smoothly! I have since then also received a Bachelor of Education and spend my days teaching little ones. Every day I get to see how important sleep is in order for our children to thrive!

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