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Research shows that sleep is just as important at eating, drinking and breathing. Lack of sleep contributes to obesity, poor memory retention and weakened immune systems. On top of our physical health, sleep deprivation is linked closely with mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

So why do we feel guilty for prioritizing it? Likely because we feel like we're putting ourselves before our little ones. But... what would happen if we did? What would happen if we filled our cup first? We would be able to be the parents that we want to be. We would be able to get out of the house and have the energy and patience to interact and play with our little ones. We would actually enjoy this time that we will never get back (yes, as much as I loved my daughter, I didn't enjoy my time with her when I was in that state).


I can remember (vividly), finally getting my daughter down for the 100th time at night and having just fallen back to sleep, only to have her wake up again moments after. I can remember not being able to move my body in that moment to go get her and do it all over again. I can remember the tears rolling down my face as I fed her, knowing that she wasn't hungry, but needed the breast to get back to sleep. If any of this sounds relatable - you are not alone. We are here to support you.


As Registered Social Workers and Registered Clinical Counsellors, supporting children and families, our team's services may be covered under your extended benefits package. Be sure to check with your provider!


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